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Known Problems with the Library

In the table, the word "YES" indicates that the problem exists in this release (and possibly in previous releases also), while "FIX" indicates that the problem has been fixed in a subsequent release. The word "NAI" indicates that we think this is Not An Issue.
Library 6/12 and later                                                                        
See the new combined bug tracker for Inform 6 and 7.
Library 6/11 patches                                                                        
parser_inflection requires common properties in Glulx  YES
match_list and match_scores over-run  FIX
Spurious space with 'articles' property  FIX
Minor problem with parse_name  YES
Conflict between 'describe' and 'initial' properties  YES
add_to_scope of parentless object causes error  FIX
Preposition parsing is too simplistic  FIX
TRACE should distinguish matched and inferred tokens  YES
'thedark.initial' is never called  FIX
Problem with <action> statements in Infix  YES
Poor response from WAVE SELF  FIX
'multiheld' can match unholdable objects  YES
Numbers in the 'name' property  FIX
Size of upper window not restored properly on UNDO  FIX
WITHOUT_DIRECTIONS causes compilation error  FIX
Multiple AGAINs treated as one  FIX
Inference message inconsistency  YES
Problem with 'Give reverse' grammar  FIX
indef_mode not restored  FIX
(The) with 'proper' should capitalise object name  FIX
Improvement to LibraryExtensions.RunUntil  FIX
'Game uses colour' bit is always set  FIX
ListMaker doesn't support 'serial' commas  YES
"statusline time;" statement isn't recognized  YES
GET IN now matches Compass object  FIX
each_turn property causes runtime error  FIX

Library 6/10 patches                                                                        
Wrong use of YOURSELF__TX  FIX
Messages from TAKE ALL FROM BOX  FIX
'name' property on rooms with THE  FIX
PUT X INTO X message  FIX
IndirectlyContains() fails with dynamic objects  FIX
Two or more prepositions after MULTIINSIDE  FIX
SHOWOBJ (number) should work as documented  FIX
Bad defaults on YesOrNo()  FIX
Parse buffer initialization  FIX
Wrong execution order in 'Before' stage  FIX
Default behaviour of taking floating objects  FIX
Problem with additive 'describe' property  FIX
short_name idiosyncracy  NAI
name property includes 'the'  FIX
Inform's standard screen effects don't work in V6  FIX
GoSub routine broken  NAI
"Can't go that way" message  FIX
Object already in/on another  FIX
Inventory with a container  NAI
LEAVE tries too hard  FIX
"Read" verb on out-of-scope objects  FIX
Wrong messages for PUSH/TURN  FIX
Revealing contents in darkness  FIX
Match list handled incorrectly  FIX
DictionaryLookup returns wrong results  NAI
Move count starts at 1  FIX
Infix ";" can take only one argument  FIX
Buggy message for boxes of scenery  FIX
Wrong message for GO [dir] [anything]  FIX
Colors incorrect after RESTORE/UNDO  FIX
Grammar property breaks in large games  FIX
Disambiguation/undo conflict  FIX
Spaces inserted after apostrophes  NAI
Strange spacing on inside_description  FIX
Plural containers listed wrong  FIX

Library 6/9 patches                                                                          
Punctuation conflicts with Infix  FIX
Infix verbs aren't meta  FIX
ParseToken returns wrong value  FIX

Library 6/8 patches                                                                          
Failed disambiguation  FIX
TAKE ALL takes too much  FIX
Assuming the wrong object  FIX

Library 6/7 patches                                                                          
Implementing a clock  FIX
Buffers declared incorrectly  FIX
action_to_be not set correctly  FIX
TAKE/REMOVE messages mixed up  FIX
ENTER error message less than ideal  FIX
"IT" handled sub-optimally  NAI
SAVE/RESTORE messages mixed up  FIX
Reading digits incorrectly  FIX
"Zero errors" in library  FIX

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