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Issue L61009

Buggy message for boxes of scenery
Submitted by: Alan Trewartha     Appeared in: Library 6/7 or before     Fixed in: Library 6/11

In the event that you OPEN an opaque box which has at least one child, AND you are not in that box, then L__M(##Open,4,noun) is called. This prints "You open the NOUN, revealing" then calls WriteListFrom(), then it prints either a "." or the word "nothing" depending on the returned value. So a box that contains only concealed items gives you...

  You open the magician's cabinet, revealing .

Highly suspicious.


My quick suggested fix is to replace WriteListFrom() so that it returns the value it gets from the much longer WriteListR() routine.

  ! To allow opening "apparently" empty containers
  [ WriteListFrom o style depth;
    if (o==child(parent(o)))
    {   SortOutList(o); o=child(parent(o)); }
    return WriteListR(o,depth);

  You open the magician's cabinet, revealing nothing.

Slightly less suspicious? OK, it's not a perfect fix because "You open the NOUN." is what you get if there *really is* nothing inside the box. Go to town and use the algorithm from WriteListR() to fix either OpenSub() or lib_messages() as you prefer. This is left as an exercise for the reader.

Update (by Cedric Knight)

As the contributor says, the patch isn't perfect. A simpler solution is to make OpenSub more like SearchSub. Add the following before SearchSub():

  [ VisibleContents o  i f;
    objectloop (i in o) if (i hasnt concealed && i hasnt scenery) f++;
    return f;

And then change the OpenSub() line

  if (noun has container && noun hasnt transparent && child(noun)~=0


  if (noun has container && noun hasnt transparent && VisibleContents(noun) ~= 0
       && location ~= thedark

(the second line being the addition from L61014).

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