This is the web site for Inform 6, an interactive fiction design language created by Graham Nelson. This server was launched in mid-2002 and supported until April of 2008. Since that time, this site has been only minimally maintained.

The Inform language itself is still supported. Inform 6 maintenance has moved to GitHub (I6 compiler) and GitLab (I6 library). The current version of Inform is Inform 7, which is maintained at its own web site:

With the kind permission of its original creators, this site is maintained as a historical reference by IFTF. It is no longer updated; much of the information here is out of date. However, if you're looking for the Inform 6 Designer's Manual (DM4), the Inform 6 Reference Addendum, the I6 Technical Manual, or the current reference specification of the Z-machine, we've got those.

Unless otherwise noted, the text and contents of this web site are copyright 1993-2018 by the Interactive Fiction Technology Foundation. Unless otherwise noted, this material is licenced under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. You are free to share and adapt this material, as long as you provide attribution, indicate if changes were made, and make the result available under the same license.

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Inform is a design system for interactive fiction, created in 1993. This home page is a central clearing-house for Inform resources. Newcomers please click Welcome.