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Issue L61124     [previous patch]

Spurious space with 'articles' property
Submitted by: Fredrik Ramsberg     Appeared in: Library 6/11 or before     Fixed in: -

The rarely-used articles property defines an array of strings. (The property is provided for non-English languages where irregular nouns may have unusual vowel-contraction rules with articles.) The DM4 gives an example appropriate for a French game, with three strings in the array:

  Object  "haricot"
    with  name 'haricot' 'legume',
          articles "Le "   "le "   "un ",
          ... ;

Note that each string includes its individual trailing space, if appropriate. This is important, because a definite article like l' must be followed immediately by the object's name, without any intervening space. However, in fact a space does appear.


The PrefaceByArticle() routine includes these print statements:

  if (capitalise)
      print (CapitRule) artval, " ";
      print (string) artval, " ";

The " " items should be removed from those statements.

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