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Issue L61120     [previous patch]

Preposition parsing is too simplistic
Submitted by: Andrew Plotkin     Appeared in: Library 6/11 or before     Fixed in: -

The problem comes with a command like PUT PURSE OF GOLD ON TABLE. The parser (parserm.h line 1696) has a comment "Advance past the last preposition". It does this in order to parse second=table, so that it can handle the multiexcept token correctly.

Good in theory, but it actually advances to the word "OF". Which is a preposition because of the grammar line "lie on top of noun". (And I believe we're adding "get off of noun".) It then accepts "gold on table" as the second noun token, and pops a disambiguation question -- even though "of" is not a valid preposition for "put X on Y".


The parser tests "(l->#dict_par1) &8", examining the preposition flag in the dictionary. It would be better if it instead searched for the specific preposition(s) in the grammar line it's testing.

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