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Issue L61102     [previous patch]

GET IN now matches Compass object
Submitted by: Beej Jorgensen     Appeared in: Library 6/11     Fixed in: -

With the previous library:

  West Beach

  You can see a rowboat here.

  (the rowboat)
  You climb into the boat.

But at 6/11:

  That isn't available.

None submitted.

Workaround (by  Roger Firth)

The problem occurs because in_obj now has a name property:

  CompassDirection -> in_obj "inside"
                      with door_dir in_to, name 'in' 'inside';

This was added to support GO IN[SIDE], matching the existing availability of GO NORTH|SW|UP etc. To revert to the previous behaviour, add this line to your Initialise():

  in_obj.&name-->0 = '.ignore';

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