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Issue L61115     [previous patch]

'multiheld' can match unholdable objects
Submitted by: Nathan Summers     Appeared in: Library 6/11 or before     Fixed in: -

Contrary to the DM4, multiheld sometimes matches objects that are not held. This would be OK if the objects were then implicitly taken, like they are for held, but they are not. Here is a short example that shows the problem:

  !% -SD

  Include "Parser";
  Include "Verblib";
  Include "Grammar";

  [ Initialise; location = theroom; ];

  Object  theroom "Frobnization Room"
    with  description "You feel like frobnizing everything! Even the mountain!",
    has   light;

  Object  -> "enormous mountain"
    with  name 'enormous' 'mountain'
    has   scenery;

  Object  -> "gigantic skyscraper"
    with  name 'gigantic' 'skyscraper'
    has   static;

  [ FrobnizeSub; "You frobnize ", (the) noun, " you are currently holding."; ];

  Verb 'frobnize' 'frob'
      * multiheld -> Frobnize;

Here's a sample transcript:

  Frobnization Room
  You feel like frobnizing everything! Even the mountain!

  You can see a gigantic skyscraper here.

  That's hardly portable.

  You frobnize the enormous mountain you are currently holding.

  That's fixed in place.

  You frobnize the gigantic skyscraper you are currently holding.

None submitted.

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