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Issue L61036

Wrong use of YOURSELF__TX
Submitted by: Eric Schmidt     Appeared in: Library 6/10 or before     Fixed in: Library 6/11

The Inform library's default responses exhibit the following flaw:

  yourself can't contain things.

That should be "You can't contain things."

The problem can be traced to the PSN__ routine in parserm.h, which contains the line:

  if (o==player) { print (string) YOURSELF__TX; rtrue; }

In this particular case, "yourself" is not the appropriate word at all, and should be capitalized.


Add a constant such as YOU__TX to English.h. When CDefart(player) is called, print this constant out. Using Cdefart implies that we are at the beginning of a sentence, where we probably don't want the reflexive pronoun "yourself".

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