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Issue L60707

action_to_be not set correctly
Submitted by: Adam Cadre     Appeared in: Library 6/7 or before     Fixed in: Library 6/10

If a player types GO NORTH, all is handled normally: action_to_be is set to ##Go, and the grammar is handled in Grammar.h. However, if the player types just plain NORTH, that is handled in Parserm.h of all places, and action_to_be is not set.


Find the following portion of Parserm.h, and add the indicated line:

  !  If it is a direction, send back the results:
  !  action=GoSub, no of arguments=1, argument 1=the direction.

  if (l~=0)
  {   results-->0 = ##Go;
      action_to_be = ##Go; !!! add this line
      results-->1 = 1;
      results-->2 = l;
      jump LookForMore;

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