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Known Problems and Patches to Fix Them

The Inform system components -- the Compiler and the Library files -- are good, but not perfect. Given their size and complexity, the occasional error is only to be expected... and, sure enough, a few have been reported over the years. The purpose of this area (now superseded by the common bug tracker for Inform 6 and 7) is to collect such problem reports, often with their solutions or workarounds, so that you can readily locate the fix to a known bug that you've stumbled across.

In some cases, solutions are presented as a 'diff -u' file of the changes which must be made. The diff file gives line number ranges, a brief context of surrounding lines, a plus to indicate a line that must be added, and a minus to indicate a line that must be deleted.

If you come up with something that isn't really a bug, more a technique for extending or enhancing the Library, then it's probably inappropriate to describe it here. Maybe you can turn it into an add-on package? See the Extensions area. Alternatively, a good place for snippets of Inform wisdom is the Hints and Tips section of the Inform Guide -- Jim Fisher would be delighted to receive a small item from you. And for ideas about more fundamental changes to Inform, the Suggestions List is a collection of random wouldn't-it-be-nice-if... candidates for future versions of the system.

If you discover a new error in the Inform components, please submit a report to the new bug tracker, giving as much detail as you can both of the problem and of your solution to it.

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