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Known Problems with the Compiler

In the table, the word "YES" indicates that the problem exists in this release (and possibly in previous releases also), while "FIX" indicates that the problem has been fixed in a subsequent release. The word "NAI" indicates that we think this is Not An Issue.
Compiler 6.32 and later                                                                        
See the new combined bug tracker for Inform 6 and 7.
Compiler 6.31 patches                                                                        
Glulx support for compilation control  FIX
Glulx support for custom opcodes  FIX
Infix ;WATCH fails when object has short_name routine  YES
Support $MAX_GLOBAL_VARIABLES memory setting in Z-code  YES
Support @push and @pull macros in Glulx  FIX
Increase STACKSIZE header value to 65536  YES
Support $ALLOC_CHUNK_SIZE memory setting  FIX
Strict check for property array access  YES

Compiler 6.30 patches                                                                        
MAX_EXPRESSION_NODES overflow generates bad message  YES
Issue with ++ applied to array element  YES
Various memory problems  YES
Missing " may crash the compiler  YES
In a 'before' property, "print," crashes the compiler  YES
Message sending permits only five parameters  YES
ICL preprocessor mishandles EOL characters  YES
Infix "; obj has attr" sometimes fails  YES
Quoted string in routine header crashes compiler  YES
Bad code generation in veneer.c  FIX
Suboptimal error for EOF inside string  YES sets 'self'  YES
Complex 'if' crashes compiler  FIX
Minor bug in abbreviations  YES
Misleading error from 'for' statement  YES
Verbs limited to 256  YES
Various problems with PATHLEN  FIX
Construct obj.prop crashes for large prop values  YES
Strict mode not available in V3/4 games  FIX
Glulx compiler doesn't delete temporary files  YES
Backpatch errors in large V8 games  FIX
Special characters in Glulx abbreviations  YES
Erroneous "Branch out of range" message  YES
Story file not deleted after failed compilation  YES
Compiler overflows if too many properties  FIX

Compiler 6.21 patches                                                                        
Multiple assignment involving arrays  FIX
Extend/Verb problem with synonyms  FIX
Strict check for property array access  FIX
Problem with European quotes  FIX
Line numbers in "no such constant" error  FIX
ZRegion slightly imperfect  FIX
Expressions with routine/ofclass/or mis-evaluate  FIX
(X in nothing) objectloop fails  YES
Negative constants in assembly  FIX
Nested Includes can crash compiler  FIX
Problem using non-ASCII characters in dictionary words  FIX
Certain abbreviations can crash compiler  FIX
@ escapes are incorrectly handled in strings  FIX
Inform-generated V6 and V7 files are limited to 320K  FIX
Malformed dictionary entries if alphabet table is changed  FIX
Conditional jump assembly is suboptimal  FIX
String array problem with non-ASCII characters  FIX
Putting an object in itself loops indefinitely  FIX
Second operand of @store  FIX
@je should accept upto four operands  FIX
Indirect call doesn't set "self"  NAI
Assembly of @not generates bad code  FIX
Additive property of NULL fails silently  NAI
Plural bit not set on long dictionary words  FIX
Constant folding is broken  FIX
Can't compile without DEBUG  FIX

Compiler 6.20 patches                                                                        
Zcharacter directive problems  FIX
Checksum not written to header of infix  FIX
Objectloops handled wrong  FIX

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