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This page (now superseded by the common bug tracker for Inform 6 and 7) hosts a collection of suggestions from Inform users, similar to the Patch List but intended for proposed changes and additions to Inform rather than for known problems and their solutions. A public repository of enhancement ideas seems the best way of ensuring that none are overlooked, and that all receive proper consideration when Inform is being updated.

Bear in mind that these are simply unmoderated proposals; some are probably more realistic than others, and even the most sensible suggestion has no guarantee of being implemented in the next Inform release, or indeed ever. On the other hand, a proposal captured here has much greater chance of being incorporated than one casually floated on a newsgroup or other gathering, and then quickly forgotten.

Anybody is welcome to submit a suggestion; please keep it succinct and in the style of the proposals already published here.

All lists are in chronological order, with the most recently submitted items at the top.

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