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 German Inform Libary    Max Kalus with Toni Arnold, Ralf Herrmann and Tinic Urou Download  
This translation unifies work on previous German libraries by Arnold (for Inform 5.5), Herrmann and Urou. For documentation in English, see this text file. (Main download is a .zip archive, and is also available as a .tar.gz archive.)
 Homepage for the German Library    Max Kalus Link  
This is the German "home" of Max Kalus's library. It should always have an updated version of the library corresponding to the one in the if-archive. Although there's nothing here which you wouldn't find in the if-archive, everything is presented in a html-browsable form here. Plus you can see all the changes of previous library versions.
 "Der Abentheurliche Informissimus Teutsch"    Frank Borger Link  
Tutorial and reference manual in German for those who want to write text adventures in German, but are not fluent enough in English to read the DM4. Of course, all specialties of the German translation, such as declination properties and the use of 'adj', 'name' and 'post', are explained in detail, too.
 Jade    Martin Oehm Link  
A small reference adventure called "Jade" whose source code is annotated to give new authors a first impression of the German version of Inform.

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