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InfixWelcomeSub (lines 638-669)

0638  [ InfixWelcomeSub;
0639    print "; Welcome to the ~Infix~ debugger (1/990428), which makes the
0640        following verbs available:^^
0641        ~; ~: evaluates this Inform expression: e.g.
0642        ~; location~ will print the value of the variable ~location~,
0643        ~; 3*5+1~ will print 16, ~; children(old cloth bag)~ will tell you
0644        how many items are in it. (You can name objects either by their
0645        names inside the source code, such as ~n_obj~, or by typing the
0646        names by which the game's parser would normally know them, such
0647        as ~north wall~: the effect is the same.)^
0648        Any expression is allowed except that you can't use double-quoted
0649        strings of text: but you can send messages, call routines or
0650        assign values to variables, properties and array entries.
0651        ^   ~; score++~ is one way to get on in the world.
0652        ^   ~; deadflag = true~ is one way to get out of it.
0653        ^   ~; StopDaemon(nasty little dwarf)~ will keep you from being pestered.^
0654        Conditions like ~; score>20~ are also allowed and print
0655        either 1 (if true) or 0 (if false).^^";
0656    print "~;examine ~ or ~;x ~ gives full details
0657        of whatever it is. For instance, ~;x ##Take~ describes the Take
0658        action; ~;x Class~ the class Class; ~;x 'drop'~ the dictionary
0659        word ~drop~ and so on for numbers, routines, arrays and of course
0660        objects.  ~;xo~ examines something as an object, so for instance
0661        ~;x location~ tells you about the variable ~location~, but ~;xo
0662        location~ tells you what object it refers to.^^";
0663    print "~;give~, ~;remove~ and ~;move~ work like the corresponding
0664        Inform statements.^^";
0665    print "~;<~ causes an action: for instance, ~;< Eat cheese~.^^";
0666    print "~;watch~ or ~;w~ can set a watch on various activities:
0667        type just ~;w~ for details.^^";
0668    print "~;inventory~ or ~;i~ describes the contents of this story file.^";
0669  ];

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