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Library 6/11 Source Code

The library has serial numbers in the form N/M, where N is the current main compiler version (presently Inform 6) and M is the release number for the corresponding library (presently release 11).

Although most Inform games Include just three library files, Parser, Verblib and Grammar, they in turn include others, so that 8 or 9 files are needed.

The Browse links below are to segmented syntax-coloured views on the files.

Index of Functions  (6/11)   Link  
An alphabetical index of all functions in the Library, with links to browse their definitions
Browse English.h  (6/11)   Download  
The language definition file for English. LDFs specify most of the standard messages, how articles, genders and pronouns are formed in the given language, and so on. LDFs for a number of other languages (including French, German, Spanish and Italian) are available from the Inform - Resources - Translations area of this website; only English is included in the standard distribution of Inform.
Browse Grammar.h  (6/11)   Download  
Grammar lines for standard verbs like "take" and "go".
Browse infix.h  (6/11)   Download  
The Infix debugger, itself written in Inform: consists mostly of complicated General Parsing Routines and grammar.
Browse linklpa.h  (6/11)   Download  
Declarations of standard properties and attributes, held in this separate file to facilitate linking (hence the filename).
Browse linklv.h  (6/11)   Download  
Declarations of library variables, held in this separate file to facilitate linking (hence the filename).
Browse Parser.h  (6/11)   Download  
A wrapper for the parser proper, with definitions of fake actions.
Browse parserm.h  (6/11)   Download  
The parser, the handler for actions and the outer game loop, including the Main routine.
Browse Verblib.h  (6/11)   Download  
A wrapper for the verb library.
Browse verblibm.h  (6/11)   Download  
Routines to handle the standard verbs, such as TakeSub, plus the object lister and several other standard utilities.

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