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Legacy Code: Inform 5.5

Most real-life legacies consist not of a million dollars plus a ski-lodge but of a bulky wardrobe plus an old teapot, and that's what Inform 5.5 is like: fondly remembered, but not really worth keeping. In case you should ever need it, though (for instance to renovate very old Inform code that you'd like to test in its original form), here are some links to get started.

Inform 5.5 Compiler  (5.5, 950811)   Link  
The home folder at the IF-Archive for ports of Inform 5.5
Inform 5 Library  (5/12, 951023)   Link  
The home folder at the IF-Archive for the final release (5/12) of the Inform 5 library: Inform 5 will not work with the Inform 6 library.
Modification history of the Inform 5 Library  (951023)   Download  
This document, of only mild historical interest but possibly useful if you're modernising very old code, tracks every modification made to the Inform 5 library from 5/5 (the first popular release, coinciding with the DM1) through to 5/12 (the final Inform 5 release, coinciding with the DM2).

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