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Installation Notes

Suppose you've downloaded the compiler and library: how do you arrange these files and get everything working?

Inform runs on virtually every operating system and model of computer in the world, which is nice, but means that it's impossible to write a single set of instructions that will work for everyone. Versions of Inform on some systems set everything up perfectly all ready for you; on others, they come with detailed instructions; on still others, they leave it up to you to work out. Fortunately the final setup is not complicated even if you do have to get there by hand, and amounts to not much more than creating a few folders.

Inform FAQ - Preparing to Program    Roger Firth Link  
Suggestions on setting up the Inform compiler. Much of the page applies to all systems, although some is only relevant to MS Windows.
InfLight    Roger Firth Link  
Helpful background and explanation on using the Inform compiler, and recommendations for programmer's text editors on several systems. Particularly geared towards using the software on a PC with Windows.

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