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The following links are to other Inform documents based elsewhere on this site, gathered here for convenience.

Inform - Resources - Examples - Ruins     Link  
Ruins is the running example in Chapters II and III of the Designer's Manual. This link allows you to browse and download the source code to the completed work.
Inform - Support - Source - Technical Manual     Link  
This plain text file is an organised collection of notes on the main Inform compiler algorithms and data structures. It's a technical document of use only to people modifying and maintaining the program.
Inform - Z-Machine - Standards     Link  
A collection of detailed standards documents for the running of the virtual computer underlying Inform games. Designers will seldom if ever need to see these, but they do contain documentation on assembly language programming more detailed than the summary in the Designer's Manual.
Inform - Z-Machine - Standards     Link  
The same standards documents, compiled into a single volume and converted to PDF by Peer Schaefer.

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