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About the IF Theory Reader

Kevin Jackson-Mead and J. Robinson Wheeler (editors)
Second Edition: April 2011
438pp paperback US $13.26


This ambitious project aimed to publish the first book dedicated to theories of interactive fiction: how it functions as a literary genre, what possibilities it offers, how it had been used. It now comprises papers by many of the world's leading IF designers and critics, grouped into broad subject areas.

To quote the blurb on

"[The IF Theory Reader] has its origins in the early parts of this century. As can easily happen with a project like this, it lost its way some years ago. Last year, it was determined that it should finally come out, even though many of the articles were old. The original authors were contacted, and a number of them were happy to see their articles finally in print (although many of the articles in here can be found on the web in various places). Some made no revisions to their articles, some made minor revisions, and some made major revisions. There were even a few new pieces that snuck in.

There is a wealth of information contained in this book, for the first time in one place."

The PDF file can be downloaded here, and the paperback book is available for purchase from

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