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Download the Inform Beginner's Guide

This is the third edition of the Inform Beginner's Guide. The finished pieces of interactive fiction are also available for download (though you'll learn more by typing them in yourself).

Inform Beginner's Guide, Third Edition: August 2004 (PDF)    Roger Firth and Sonja Kesserich Download (1600KB) 
The third edition of the IBG. The Guide is a short (284pp) book which aims to provide a basic grounding in Inform. No previous experience of computer programming or interactive fiction design is assumed.
IBG Games     Download (20KB) 
This zip archive contains the sample games created in the Inform Beginner's Guide.
IBG Home Page     Link  
The authors are delighted to receive feedback on the Inform Beginner's Guide, with corrections to any mistakes especially welcome. Please follow the link to this web page for notes on how best to report your views.

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