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About the Inform Designer's Manual

Graham Nelson
Fourth Edition: July 2001
572pp paperback / ISBN 0-9713119-0-0 / US $29.95 / UK £18.50
572pp hardback / ISBN 0-9713119-3-5 / US $34.95 / UK £21.37
Edited by Gareth Rees
Published by Dan Sanderson.


The Designer's Manual is the definitive reference for Inform, a programming language and associated set of library files designed specifically for creating adventure games. In addition, the book describes the steps needed to support non-English games, provides an overview of Infocom's Z-machine architecture, and ends with "The Craft of Adventure", Graham's masterly guide to the principles underlying good interactive fiction.

The PDF file can be downloaded here; the book is available for purchase in paperback form from and or as a hardback from and

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