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Some of these sites help Inform newcomers to get started, by talking through the design of simple games. Others aim to supplement the Inform Designer's Manual by explaining in greater detail, or at a slower pace, some specific aspect of Inform in particular, or IF in general.

Inform Guide    Jim Fisher Link  
A collection of contributed articles on specific aspects of Inform programming; the material ranges in complexity from introductory to advanced.
Inform for Beginners    Jeff Johnson Link  
An Inform tutorial which starts well by setting the scene, describes Objects and their properties and attributes, starts taking about routines... and stops dead in its tracks. Still technically correct, but hasn't been updated since January 1998.
InfLight    Roger Firth Link  
An introduction to the Inform compilation process (including useful compiler switches), and to the basics of debugging your game. Also mentions a few utility programs.
Inform Primer    Marnie Parker Link  
Explanation of a handful of concepts which may prove slightly tricky when first encountering Inform.
Inform Programming Tips    Marnie Parker Link  
Half a dozen fragments of useful code and explanation, plus some Inform links.
Inform tricks    Andrew Plotkin Link  
A few programming tips and tricks from one of the masters.
Inform catalogs    Sean Barrett Link  
Lists of Inform's action categories and message numbers.
Int Fic tips    Lucian Smith and others Link  
A somewhat unstructured collection of Inform questions and answers.
InFancy    Roger Firth Link  
The principles of Inform Object and Class definitions; the differences between properties and attributes; how objects name and describe themselves; inventory listings.
Writing and Playing Inform Games    John Escobedo Link  
Tutorials on playing IF, and on writing Inform games (the latter is currently incomplete).
InfAct    Roger Firth Link  
Some basic guidance on creating a Non-Player Character (NPC) in Inform, with reference to library extensions which can slightly ease the pain.
Inform Troubleshooting    Emily Short Link  
How to resolve a variety of problems, some general, and some specific to the Z-Machine, to Glulx, or to the Apple Macintosh.
Concept and Design    Emily Short Link  
A series of well-reasoned articles on the nature of IF, and on techniques for creating realistic worlds populated by credible NPCs.
Syntax colouring    Fredrik Ramsberg Link  
If you plan to present an Inform game in source form on the web, you can use this engine to generate the game as HTML with applied syntax colouring.

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