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News and Views

There's always something happening in the IF community: an impressive new game is announced; a friendly competition encourages authorship of smaller games; somebody publishes a useful Library extension, an interesting web site, occasionally even a new book... These sites track such events, usually announced in, so that you can keep up-to-date even if you don't closely follow that Usenet newsgroup.

The Informary    Roger Firth Link  
Topical information specifically about Inform.
Brass Lantern    Stephen Granade Link  
Regular news about IF topics, and a wide range of authoritative articles categorised by Beginners, Players, Writers, Editorials and Community. Also game reviews (both text and graphic adventures).
GUE Technical Institute    Brian Lane Link  
Snippets of IF news. (Named after Zork's setting: the Great Underground Empire.)
SPAG    Paul O'Brian Link  
The Society for the Promotion of Adventure Games issues a quarterly newsletter with editorial comment, features and game reviews. Includes a useful Readers' Scoreboard of game ratings.
XYZZYnews    Eileen Mullin Link  
Bulletin board, news items, links and an occasional newsletter devoted to IF topics; "XYZZY" is a magic word from the original Adventure game. Also the host for the annual XYZZY Awards, where fans can vote on the Best NPC, Best Puzzle, etc, in all of the games released during the previous calendar year.

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