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Questions and Answers

In every online community, some queries crop up so often that they become known as Frequently Asked Questions. To save time and trouble, and to ensure a complete and well-rounded response, answers to these common questions have been collected and published as FAQs. If you're new to IF and Inform, it's well worthwhile browsing through these sites to get some idea of the topics which are covered.

Welcome to the IF Community    Steve Griffiths, Roger Firth Link  
A brief introduction to world of Interactive Fiction, some guidelines on posting to the Usenet newsgroups, and a little background information on sensitive topics.
raif FAQ    Steve Griffiths Link  
Frequently Asked Questions from the Usenet newsgroup which is dedicated to all flavours of IF authorship. Topics include: About the Newsgroup, General IF Information, Programming IF, Writings on IF, and What's Available on the Net.
"How to play" FAQ    Steve Griffiths Link  
Good basic instructions on downloading interpreters for Inform and TADS, and on finding appropriate games to get started with.
Inform FAQ    Roger Firth, Sonja Kesserich Link  
A semi-official compendium of answers to questions ranging from "So, what is Inform?" to "What's the difference between a Daemon and a Timer?".

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