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You'll often hear mention of "the Archive", a vastly useful repository of freely-available material relating to IF. These sites guide you through its contents, and also talk about other sources of information of value to our community.

The IF Archive (FTP)    Volker Blasius, David Kinder, Stephen Granade, Andrew Plotkin Link  
The Alexandrian Library of interactive fiction: this FTP site contains a vast repository of design systems, games and records old and new, from late 1970s mainframe programs to 21st-century avant garde fiction. (You may occasionally see the domain ''. This refers to the original archive which is no longer maintained; all the contents were copied to in 2001.)
The IF Archive (HTTP)     Link  
The same archive accessed via HTTP (web browsing) rather than FTP (file transfer protocol). You may prefer to use this form of access, since it provides user-friendly descriptions of each of the -- many -- directories and files in the archive. However, see the next link; downloading from a mirror site is likely to be quicker than using the website.
The IF Archive (HTTP Mirror Site)     Link  
A mirror, or duplicate held elsewhere, of the same web form of the IF Archive, in case the real thing is overloaded or temporarily unavailable. The front page of each web archive lists several other mirrors. You'll usually get the best response if you pick a mirror site which is near to you.
Baf's Guide    Carl Muckenhoupt Link  
Damn near all of the Inform games in the IF Archive: reviewed, categorised, and indexed every which way.
IF Annotated Bibliography    Dennis Jerz Link  
A summary of significant IF scholarship, collected under the headings: Academic/Professional, General (non-academic), Manifestos & Taxonomies, and Archives & Meta-resources.

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