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As you have now seen, the web site as a whole is divided into areas. There are two ways to navigate around them: firstly, by going forwards and backwards through the menu pages, and secondly by clicking on the appropriate words in the heading of each page. For instance, click on 'Inform' in the top left of this page to jump back to the top level of the site, or click on 'Welcome' to step back to the Welcome menu.

Most of the areas are themselves divided into anything from two to thirty sub-pages, and in those areas the left hand margin area usually holds a column of links to get between them. Unless there is clear warning (such as a 'See also' note), these links always remain inside the same area of the site. You can always return to the home page of the current area by clicking on the rightmost name in the banner on any page: for instance, on 'About This Website' above.

As you see, this area contains just three pages: this one, which is the home page for the area (and by convention listed first in the left margin), a page about links, and a page about the committee.

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