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For describing the passage of time.

Real Time    Joe Mason and Gunther Schmidl Download  
A rewrite of the Inform 6/10 library to allow real-time text input (in the style of Infocom's Border Zone)
Moderator.h    Emily Short Download  
Provides a Scene class, which can be used to supervise the player's actions in a game with a complex plot. A scene allows entry points to control where the player is allowed to go, trigger events after a certain lapse of time, etc.
printtime.h  (981031)  Erik Hetzner Download  
To print times in various formats
timepiece.h  (Release 981031)  Erik Hetzner Download  
Classes to implement watches, clocks, etc.
timesys.h    Kevin Forchione Download  
Enhances handling of time-oriented games (based on both timewait.h and waittime.h)
timewait.h    Andrew Clover with Nicholas Daley Download  
To parse the time of day and "WAIT UNTIL THREE O'CLOCK" commands
waittime.h    L. Ross Raszewski with Nicholas Daley Download  
To provide understanding of English time strings, to give an enhanced "WAIT" command

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