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Textual functions

Utilities for dealing with characters and strings of characters.

ictype.h  (Version 1)  L. Ross Raszewski Download  
An implementation of the ANSI C ctype functions
istring.h  (Version 2.1)  L. Ross Raszewski Download  
Implements the standard ANSI C library string functions (see also znsi.h)  (Version 0.02)  Wouter ten Brink Download  
A library to map accented letters to their internal character codes for ZSCII or Glulx.
mistype.h  (Version 1.0)  Cedric Knight Download  
A library to automatically correct minor typing errors by the player.
OKBStyle.h    Brendan Barnwell Download  
A library which allows text style changes to be embedded in literal strings for Glulx
ordynastring.h  (2/26/2002)  Jim Fisher Download  
ORDynaString is a quick class to facilitate creation and printing of dynamic text.
orenglish.h  (5/13/2002)  Jim Fisher Download  
This is a replacement for the English language definition file which implements past test as well as the traditional present tense, plus 1st and 3rd person, as well as the traditional 2nd person. It further provides the ability to alternate between these two modes. Additionally, several library messages, which presume an action is being performed by the player rather than checking the actor variable have been changed to be compatible with NPCs performing an action.
orgibberish.h  (2/26/2002)  Jim Fisher Download  
Generate and print a random, human pronouncable word.
orstyleitalics.h  (5/01/2002)  Jim Fisher Download  
A simple implementation of the ORStyleHint class which sets up the emphasised style to show as italics
orpronoun.h    Jim Fisher Download  
Pronoun print rules to handle just about every imaginable scenario.
ortextformatting.h    Jim Fisher Download  
Simple file containing various useful print rules for bold, italic, and reverse-color styles; also handles printing from an array of characters
prand.h  (Release 1)  Anson Turner Download  
To print random strings  (15-Mar-2003)  David Cornelson Download  
A function with allows you to print text to the screen at a slower than normal computer speed rate, written by David Cornelson. Archive includes library header and an example.
QPrint.h  (17-Mar-2005)  Dave Robinson Download  
QPrint, a mid-string rule printing system, version 1. Allows QPrint("You take %the 1% and put %it 1% into %the 2%.",obj1,obj2); as an alternative to print "You take ", (the) obj1... together with a variety of other shorthand.
stringmaker.h  (Version 1.0)  Roger Firth Download  
A routine to convert a byte array of characters into a packed string which can be printed (and vice versa)  (Version 0.2)  Chipjack Download  
A class that allows for the use of strings as names for an object, getting around the 9-character dictionary-word limitation. Includes a thorough example game.
style.h    Chris Klimas Download  
To embed styles in print statements
text_functions.h  (Release 1.0)  Patrick Kellum Download  
Functions for dealing with text
zclock.h    Allen Garvin Download  
A library that implements the timers and daemons mechanism used in Infocom games
znsi.h  (Version 1.0)  L. Ross Raszewski Download  
A control-code add on system for istring.h

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