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Utility routines of the kind used extensively in conventional programming languages, which are sometimes also useful in Inform.

array.h  (Version 0.1)  Evin Robertson Download  
Useful array functions
BustFlow.h  (30-May-2001)  Brendan Barnwell Download  
A Glulx Inform library for passing object property execution up the object tree
classutl.h  (Version 1.0)  Matt Albrecht Download  
A collection of class-related helper functions  (Version 2.0)  John Cater Download  
For dynamic memory use. Archive includes library code, an example program and documentation
dynobj.h    John Cater Download  
For dynamic objects
Entry.h    Brendan Barnwell Download  
Extends the entry point routine functionality of the standard library
flags.h    Adam Cadre Download  
For implementing boolean flags with low memory consumption
imem.h  (Version 2.0)  L. Ross Raszewski Download  
To implement run-time allocation of dynamic memory for objects  (Version 1.3)  Donnie E. Russell II Download  
InfAud 1.3, a system to allow Zcode and Glulx games to play sound files through an external sound players, written by Donnie E. Russell II. Included are Windows executables, library and example files.
infunit.h  (Version 1.0)  Matt Albrecht Download  
A test harness for Inform, based on jUnit (a test harness for Java)
isort.h  (Version 1.0)  L. Ross Raszewski Download  
Sorts Inform arrays, using the quicksort algorithm
multifloyd.h    Evin Robertson Download  
To enable a game to be connected to ifMUD's multiplayer Floyd bot
newflags.h    Adam Cadre and Fredrik Ramsberg Download  
A rewrite of Adam Cadre's flags.h library which is designed to be more efficient with system resources
OKBGlulx.h    Brendan Barnwell Download  
A library providing object-oriented mechanisms for handling Glk windows, and also has underscore-free function aliases for some infglk functions
oldaemon.h  (03-Dec-2002)  L. Ross Raszewski Download  
A daemon which combines multiple objectloops into a single loop, thus improving performance. Version 1.0, by L. Ross Raszewski.
orinfglk.h  (2/26/2002)  Jim Fisher Download  
A wrapping of the INFGLK wrapper which eases GlulxInform development
orinformlibrary.h  (2/26/2002)  Jim Fisher Download  
A rearrangement of the ORInformLibrary object. No actual code has been altered (at least not in any significant way) but the routines have been broken into smaller components which can be overridden by other modules.
orlistmanager.h  (2004.03.05)  Jim Fisher Download  
A small class for managing property lists; supports stacks, queues, and generic list access methods.
oroptionlist.h    Jim Fisher Download  
A class which maintains a list of value pairs. Useful for generating menus with oroptionlistmenu.h.
oroptionlistmenu.h    Jim Fisher Download  
Defines an object which reads the current OptionList of an object that inherits from OROptionList and displays an appropriate menu
orpathmaker.h    Jim Fisher Download  
Object which can determine a path between two rooms (or objects)
orredefineobject.h    Jim Fisher Download  
Makes it easier to replace at runtime properties associated with the standard libraries
orreversedirection.h    Jim Fisher Download  
A simple routine to take a direction or compass object and return its opposite (eg., w_to for e_to, sw_obj for ne_obj, etc.)
orroutineslist.h    Jim Fisher Download  
An object that can maintain a list of routines and run them in order like additive properties.
orscore.h  (2004.02.07)  Jim Fisher Download  
Extends the standard library's task score system, creating an auto-initialized repository for scores, which can be normal or randomly assigned (kind of like the scoring in Leather Goddesses of Phobos).
perform.tgz  (Version 1.0)  Nick Montfort Download  
Perform (Perceptron Classifier in Inform)
pmove.h    L. Ross Raszewski Download  
To move objects while preserving the object lineage    Anonymous, public domain Download  
A skeleton shell for starting coding a game from. Includes code to make the character male or female, hints, magic words and a comment verb.
shuffle.h    Roger Firth Download  
Pulls numbers randomly from a hat until all have been used, whereupon the process restarts
sorting.h    Fredrik Ramsberg Download  
Implements Quicksort and shell sort routines.
stack.h  (19-Jan-2003)  Fredrik Ramsberg Download  
An implementation of a stack, by Fredrik Ramsberg, 15 Jan 2003
swap.h    "she's long gone" Download  
A function to swap two objects, moving each to the other's parent.
utility.h  (Version 4.0)  L. Ross Raszewski Download  
Useful Inform functions (also works under Glulx)

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