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Model world

These extensions increase the richness of the model world, usually to model some new kind of object, or to make an existing kind easier to create.  (09-Jan-2006)  Al Golden Download  
A replacement library for WaterElement.h (which handles divisible and mixed liquids, floating objects, and absorbent materials) which compiles more gracefully under Inform 6.30 and which better handles Glulx. By Al Golden, based on Emily Short's library.
blackjack.inf  (11-Jun-2005)  Ashok Desai Download  
Inform code to add a blackjack dealer to a game.
clothes.h    Denis Moskowitz and Timothy Groves Download  
A clothes class for easy clothing handling. Set area, level, and covering for pieces of clothing. Somewhat updated from clothing.h
clothing.h    Denis Moskowitz Download  
A clothes class for easy clothing handling. Set area, level, and covering for pieces of clothing
compass.h    Jonathan Rosebaugh Download  
To remove the walls, floor and ceilings from the compass for outdoor areas
daemons.h    Roger Firth Download  
To cause daemons and timers to execute in priority order
diary.h  (Release 1.000226)  Gunther Schmidl Download  
To provide a diary and dynamically add and remove pages
elevator.inf  (Version 2)  Martin Braun Download  
An elevator object which the user can control by a call button on each floor or by the buttons in the elevator itself.  (14-Sep-2006)  Jim Aikin Download  
An extension that implements 'indirect holders,' tools such as tweezers and pliers that can be used to pick up game objects that, for one reason or another, can't be touched directly
links.h    Jayson Smith Download  
To support linkable objects, e.g. an explosive and a detonator
Moderator.h    Emily Short Download  
Provides a Scene class, which can be used to supervise the player's actions in a game with a complex plot. A scene allows entry points to control where the player is allowed to go, trigger events after a certain lapse of time, etc.
money.h  (Beta release)  Erik Hetzner Download  
To model the manipulation of money
movie.h  (Version 3)  L. Ross Raszewski Download  
To put non-interactive "cut scenes" into a game
notepad.h  (Release 1.000227)  Gunther Schmidl Download  
Allows a game player to take short notes during play and delete them again. Also has methods for the game author to add, delete and manipulate notes.
OKBLib.h    Brendan Barnwell Download  
A library of miscellaneous classes and routines, by Brendan Barnwell. Includes classes for rooms and adjusting their description.
oraction.h  (2004.06.08)  Jim Fisher Download  
A base class to represent actions and detect whether or not they are available.
oractionmenu.h  (2004.04.28)  Jim Fisher Download  
Adds the ability to list possible player actions in a menu. Although reminiscent of the CYOA format (it can certainly be leveraged to make stories of that type), this is actually an alternate front end to the parser (as opposed to the traditional keyboard input prompt).
oractionqueue.h  (2004.06.08)  Jim Fisher Download  
Gives the player a queue of actions that will be executed sequentially without pause (unless interupted, or one of the next action becomes impossible).
outofrch.h  (Version 2.00)  Marnie Parker Download  
To define reachable areas for supporters and containers
player_notepad.h  (Version 1.0)  David Fisher Download  
An extension for taking notes during play, as used in Suveh Nux.
recept.h  (Version 1.0)  Peer Schaefer Download  
A library for receptacles, which are containers or supporters with defined capacities. Handles weight, volume, and size
scenic.h  (Version 3.1)  Richard Barnett, Joe Mason, Roger Firth and Stefano Gaburri Download  
Supports lightweight scenery 'objects', embedded in room objects, which can be examined but not otherwise manipulated
Scoper.h  (Version 1.0)  Daniel Barkalow Download  
To help determine which rooms are visible from a given location; makes it easier to deal with, for instance, very large spaces represented by more than one location in the game, where items in the far side of the room should be visible but untouchable
torch.h    David Griffith Download  
A library allowing the use of torches (the flaming, wooden kind), which can be either good (ready to be ignited), burning, or burnt-out.  (Version 0.95b)  Emily Short Download  
To handle divisible and mixed liquids, floating objects, and absorbent materials    "she's long gone" Download  
A library for clothing.  (Version 2.0)  Joe Merical Download  
Zork-related library extensions, including player health and diagnosis, Zork-like lamp implementation, grue behavior, and Zork verbs and library responses

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