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Menus and displays

For showing instructions, hints and the like.

action.h  (Version 0.8)  Adam Stark Download  
For implementing action menus
AltMenu.h  (Version 6)  L. Ross Raszewski Download  
To create object-oriented menus
boxclever.h  (Version 1.0)  Roger Firth Download  
An extension of the standard 'box' statement that allows text to be bold or underlined
bquote.h  (18-May-2005)  Martin Oehm Download  
An extension to help printing block quoted text for letters, newspaper clippings etc.
branch.h    Chris Klimas Download  
A class for branching menus
converse.h  (Version 2.0)  L. Ross Raszewski Download  
To generate menu based conversations
diary.h  (Release 1.000226)  Gunther Schmidl Download  
To provide a diary and dynamically add and remove pages  (Version 7)  Dave Robinson Download  
A menuing system similar to menus.h, but allowing concealed or locked menu items, and (optionally) submenus that are embedded in parent menus.
domenu.h  (Version 6.2)  L. Ross Raszewski Download  
A replacement for Inform's standard DoMenu
Footnote.h  (Version 2.0)  L. Ross Raszewski Download  
To produce sequentially numbered footnotes  (15-Nov-2002)  Simon Baldwin Download  
Adds a graphical toolbar, similar to those found in many OSes such as Windows and KDE/Gnome, to the top of a Glulx Inform program.  (Version 0.9b, 25-Mar-2005)  L. Ross Raszewski Download  
GWindows Screen Management Framework for Glulx. Handles setup of a screen layout; provides a variety of window classes for convenient graphics handling and menus; automates refreshing and restoring the contents of windows on undo, restore, and restart.
Hints.h  (Version 2)  L. Ross Raszewski Download  
To produce nicely formatted hints
hintsms.h  (28-Mar-2006)  Peer Schaefer Download  
A hint system similar to that used by Magnetic Scrolls, which requires the user to enter codes from the game's manual to obtain the hint
howtoplay.h  (24-May-2003)  Michael Coyne Download  
Implements a HELP verb that displays Fredrik Ramsberg's "How to Play" instructions from his "A Beginner's Guide to Playing Interactive Fiction." If used with Menus, the library displays the instructions in a menu; otherwise, the text is displayed in the main screen.
manual.h  (Version 5.0)  L. Ross Raszewski Download  
To generate browsable text for Z-Machine books and built-in manuals  (21-Oct-2003)  Simon Baldwin Download  
A HTML-like markup extension for Glulx and Z-code, allowing markup of text styles and formatting, inline pictures and hyperlinks (the latter two for Glulx only)
menus.h    Graham Nelson Download  
To provide easier and better menus. (This extension is the one used as an example in Chapter VII of the Designer's Manual.)
notes.h  (21-Nov-2004)  Anson Turner Download  
A library for implementing footnotes in a game. (home page)    Jon Ingold Download  
For writing games with a "novel" mode, that is, in the style of the author's game My Angel
OKBGlulx.h    Brendan Barnwell Download  
A library providing object-oriented mechanisms for handling Glk windows, and also has underscore-free function aliases for some infglk functions
OKBScrpt.h    Brendan Barnwell Download  
To allow branching, menu-based conversations
orbanner.h  (4/19/2002)  Jim Fisher Download  
Extends the standard library's banner routine, adding a userdefined value to append to the bottom of the output and ORLib versioning too.
orcenter.h  (4/08/2002)  Jim Fisher Download  
Centers text (with wordwrap)
orstylehint.h    Jim Fisher Download  
An object wrapper to easily establish user-defined styles in Glulx
ortextformatting.h    Jim Fisher Download  
Simple file containing various useful print rules for bold, italic, and reverse-color styles; also handles printing from an array of characters
ortransition.h    Jim Fisher Download  
Glulx- or z-machine-compatible code to produce a pause in game output and spacing.
phtalkoo.h    Adam Cadre and David Glasser Download  
Menu based conversation system based on Adam Cadre's routines from the game "Photopia"
plphtoo.h    Adam Cadre, David Glasser, and Alexandre Muniz Download  
Menu based conversation system based on Adam Cadre's routines from Photopia (phototalk.inf), modified and object-oriented by David Glasser, and then adapted for Platypus by Alexandre Muniz.
SampleTranscript.h    Emily Short Download  
To print out a sample transcript like the Infocom ones.
StatusLineColors.inf  (08-Feb-2003)  Jay Goemmer and Roger Firth Download  
A library extension that sets the colours of the status bar according to "zones" defined in the game. Colours can be enabled or disabled by the player.
trinitystat.h    Jonathan Rosebaugh Download  
To give games a status line in the style of Infocom's "Trinity"

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