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Mathematical functions

Inform's mathematical abilities are ordinarily limited to signed 16-bit integer arithmetic, but these extensions change all that.

fixedpt.h  (Version 1.0)  Matt Albrecht Download  
To perform 16-bit fixed-point arithmetic
longint.h  (Release 1)  Chris Hall and Francis Irving Download  
To perform signed and unsigned 32-bit integer arithmetic
longint_dg.h    David Given Download  
To perform 16- and 32-bit integer arithmetic
math.h  (Version 1.0)  Matt Albrecht Download  
Miscellaneous math functions
mathpars.h  (Version 1.0)  Matt Albrecht Download  
For parsing big numbers (in decimal, hexadecimal or binary)
random.h  (Version 1.3)  Roger Firth Download  
A replacement for Inform's random function, which ensures well-distributed (and, where necessary, predictable) results, irrespective of which Z-machine or Glulx interpreter the player is using.
A Z-Machine Floating Point Library  (1/1.020318)  Kevin Bracey Link  
To provide IEEE 754-conformant floating point arithmetic for the Z-machine (i.e., the standard platform on which Inform games run). Calculates to 9 decimal digits of accuracy with exponents from 10^99 to 10^(-99); translates floating point numbers to and from text. Fully supports rounding, subnormal numbers, infinity and exceptions.

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