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Directions and doors

For creating and displaying connections between rooms.

cmap.h    Rick Dague Download  
To allow easy creation of game maps
dirs.h  (Version 2.1)  Nicholas Daley Download  
Provides a 'DIRS' verb that tells you which directions you can go in
dirs_2.h    Gunther Schmidl Download  
To provide an easy way of adding a 'DIRS' or 'EXITS' verb
dirsmap.h  (Version 2.10)  Marnie Parker Download  
Adds a 'DIRECTIONS' command to Inform. Depending on the current dirs_style, available exits are shown either with a map or in a sentence
doors.h    L. Ross Raszewski Download  
To make defining two-sided doors easier
doors2.h    Max Kalus Download  
To make the parsing of directions for doors easier
easydoors.h  (Version 3.0, 010526)  Andrew MacKinnon Download  
Allows simple creation of doors, with automatic door opening when not locked, and status styles
GoNeighbour.h    Alan Trewartha Download  
To allow going to adjacent rooms by typing "GO ROOM"    Toni Arnold Download  
Implements the "GO TO LOCATION" verb. Together with the library "dirs_2.h" this allows Inform games to have the same player movement as Magnetic Scrolls games. Archive includes HTML documentation, a Perl script to convert existing source code, and a converted version of the game "Advent"
Locksmith.h    Emily Short Download  
To allow better automatic selection of keys following an UNLOCK command
plback.h  (Version 1.0)  Alexandre Muniz Download  
A library extension (for the Platypus library only) that implements a GO BACK verb.
smartcantgo.h  (990203)  David Wagner with Roger Firth Download  
Lists the exits of rooms instead of just "You can't go that way."

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