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Glulx is an alternative virtual machine for Inform, with its own way of handling text, graphics, and sound. These extensions provide ways to make use of its features or perform functions that are done differently by the z-machine.

BustFlow.h  (30-May-2001)  Brendan Barnwell Download  
A Glulx Inform library for passing object property execution up the object tree  (15-Nov-2002)  Simon Baldwin Download  
Adds a graphical toolbar, similar to those found in many OSes such as Windows and KDE/Gnome, to the top of a Glulx Inform program.  (Version 0.9b, 25-Mar-2005)  L. Ross Raszewski Download  
GWindows Screen Management Framework for Glulx. Handles setup of a screen layout; provides a variety of window classes for convenient graphics handling and menus; automates refreshing and restoring the contents of windows on undo, restore, and restart.
GxScript.h    Brendan Barnwell Download  
A menu-based conversation library for Glulx Inform, with conversation menus in a separate window  (02-Aug-2000)  John Cater Download  
A Glulx Inform library, version 0.6.1, designed to make calling Glk functions from within Glulx Inform easier  (Version 1.3)  Donnie E. Russell II Download  
InfAud 1.3, a system to allow Zcode and Glulx games to play sound files through an external sound players, written by Donnie E. Russell II. Included are Windows executables, library and example files.  (Version 0.02)  Wouter ten Brink Download  
A library to map accented letters to their internal character codes for ZSCII or Glulx.  (21-Oct-2003)  Simon Baldwin Download  
A HTML-like markup extension for Glulx and Z-code, allowing markup of text styles and formatting, inline pictures and hyperlinks (the latter two for Glulx only)
OKBGlulx.h    Brendan Barnwell Download  
A library providing object-oriented mechanisms for handling Glk windows, and also has underscore-free function aliases for some infglk functions
OKBStyle.h    Brendan Barnwell Download  
A library which allows text style changes to be embedded in literal strings for Glulx
orinfglk.h  (2/26/2002)  Jim Fisher Download  
A wrapping of the INFGLK wrapper which eases GlulxInform development
orjustenoughglulx.h  (4/20/2002)  Jim Fisher Download  
Roger Firth's Just Enough Glulx package wrapped in an easy to use ORLib module! Used to assist in creating bi-platform code (compilable for both GLULX and Z-Machine without modification)
ormenu.h    Jim Fisher Download  
Full screen multi-layered menu system that works in the z-machine or Glulx.
orminimenu.h    Jim Fisher Download  
A sideline menu system that works in the z-machine or Glulx.
orrockdispensor.h    Jim Fisher Download  
An object to generate GLULX rocks dynamically, so modules do not confict
orstylehint.h    Jim Fisher Download  
An object wrapper to easily establish user-defined styles in Glulx
sgw.h  (05-Jul-2005)  Alessandro Schillaci Download  
Simple Glulxe Wrapper, a simple and small glulxe wrapper, created for the novice Inform programmer. In particular, simplifies handling of music channels and provides some functions to control graphics display.
Unglklib    Marnie Parker Link  
A library extension performing much the same job as infglk.h, but with a friendlier face.

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