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Aids for debugging and testing works in progress.

BannerPause.inf  (Release 1)  Jay Goemmer Download  
A library extension to allow the introduction of a pause in the printing of the game's initial banner text, by printing a [MORE] prompt. Pressing any key then displays the opening room and status line.  (Version 1.5)  Stas Starkov Download  
To output a HTML script of the game, including user comments, as an aid to beta testing
betatest.h  (Version 1.02)  Marnie Parker Download  
A beta testing aid, allowing testers to add comments to the output script
checkout.h  (Version 1.0)  Roger Firth Download  
Adds a CHECKOUT debugging verb which identifies asymmetric and one-way paths between rooms
debuglib.h    John Cater Download  
To allow for easier printing of debugging statements
debugmcs.h    Cedric Knight Download  
To implement a time-saving command to check Inform source for bugs caused by missing commas
dump.h  (Version 1.1)  Roger Firth Download  
Provides debugging verbs DUMP (for displaying parts of the Z-machine memory map) and IS (for reporting what a given number might be)
objlstr.h  (Version 1.50)  Marnie Parker Download  
An object listing debugging aid
scrutinize.h  (22-Sep-2007)  Fredrik Ramsberg Download  
An extension to help find missing synonyms for objects.

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