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License and help boilerplate

Sample licensing and help texts you can include in your games either as-is or with modifications.

CCPL.h  (Version 1.2)  Roger Firth Download  
A library extension that displays text of the Creative Commons ( Attribution-NoDerivs-NonCommercial 1.0 license, suitable for use as the license of a freeware IF game. Contains both the short (friendly) and long (legal) forms of the license.
GPL_for_Inform_src.tar.gz    Patrick Boylan Download  
Source code to add the Gnu Public License to a Z-Code game
HelpRoutines.h    Emily Short Download  
To print information that might help new IF players, such as a list of standard Inform verbs, suggestions about what to do at the beginning of a game, how to react to being stuck, etc.
howtoplay.h  (24-May-2003)  Michael Coyne Download  
Implements a HELP verb that displays Fredrik Ramsberg's "How to Play" instructions from his "A Beginner's Guide to Playing Interactive Fiction." If used with Menus, the library displays the instructions in a menu; otherwise, the text is displayed in the main screen.
sha_hint.h  (21-May-2003)  Ricardo Dague Download  
A library to add a simple hint system to a game, where the user enters "hint " to get hints.

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