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Toyshop.inf begins (lines 1-56)
Satchel (lines 57-84)
The Toyshop (lines 85-104)
Helium Balloon (lines 105-146)
Little Red Car (lines 147-187)
Padded Floor (lines 188-208)
Hand Grenade (lines 209-246)
Matchbook (lines 247-340)
White Candles (lines 341-384)
White Gloves (lines 385-455)
Green Cone (lines 456-482)
High Window (lines 483-500)
Bolted Cupboard (lines 501-521)
Glass Box (lines 522-522)
Steel Box (lines 523-553)
Building Blocks (lines 554-643)
Christopher (lines 644-718)
Office (lines 719-738)
Toothed Bag (lines 739-762)
Spirit Level (lines 763-797)
Blackboard (lines 798-862)
Routines and Entry Points (lines 863-942)

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