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1. Balances.inf begins (lines 1-160)
2. Now the whole spell-casting system (lines 165-464)
3. And now, on with the story. First, some global variables: (lines 469-540)
4. Some multiple objects, coins in fact, coded in deluxe fashion: (lines 545-591)
5. The player's spell book, and three initial spells (to go with gnusto): (lines 596-673)
6. The first scene: the Hut and its (rather easy) secret (lines 678-714)
7. Grasslands and the valley (lines 719-823)
8. The Chasm and the snake (lines 828-884)
9. The crest of the hill; Icarus the tortoise; the chewed scroll (lines 889-991)
10. The cave mouth and the perfect sapphire (lines 996-1052)
11. Inside the Cave, the powerful urbzig spell and its consequences (lines 1057-1234)
12. The Footpath and the carpet (lines 1239-1281)
13. A Bazaar Lottery (lines 1286-1530)
14. The spells in Helistar's grimoire (lines 1535-1572)
15. Death and the Boneyard (lines 1577-1633)
16. The Cubical Temple (lines 1638-1692)
17. Inside the Temple (lines 1697-1811)
18. That's all of the object definitions: just a little code and grammar left (lines 1816-1866)
19. Grammar extensions needed by the spell-casting and cube-writing rules: (lines 1871-1912)
20. And one for the game itself. (lines 1917-1921)

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