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30. The End Game (lines 3237-3355)

3237  Room    At_Ne_End "NE End of Repository"
3238    with  name 'northeast' 'ne' 'end' 'of' 'repository',
3239          description
3240              "You are at the northeast end of an immense room, even larger than the giant room.
3241               It appears to be a repository for the ~Adventure~ program.
3242               Massive torches far overhead bathe the room with smoky yellow light.
3243               Scattered about you can be seen a pile of bottles (all of them empty),
3244               a nursery of young beanstalks murmuring quietly, a bed of oysters,
3245               a bundle of black rods with rusty stars on their ends, and a collection of brass lanterns.
3246               Off to one side a great many dwarves are sleeping on the floor, snoring loudly.
3247               A sign nearby reads: ~Do not disturb the dwarves!~",
3248          sw_to At_Sw_End,
3249    has   light;
3251  Object  -> "enormous mirror"
3252    with  name 'mirror' 'enormous' 'huge' 'big' 'large' 'suspended' 'hanging'
3253               'vanity' 'dwarvish',
3254          description "It looks like an ordinary, albeit enormous, mirror.",
3255          initial
3256              "An immense mirror is hanging against one wall, and stretches to the other end of the room,
3257               where various other sundry objects can be glimpsed dimly in the distance.",
3258          before [;
3259            Attack:
3260              print
3261                  "You strike the mirror a resounding blow,
3262                   whereupon it shatters into a myriad tiny fragments.^^";
3263              SleepingDwarves.wake_up();
3264              rtrue;
3265          ],
3266          found_in At_Ne_End At_Sw_End,
3267    has   static;
3269  Scenic  -> "collection of adventure game materials"
3270    with  name 'stuff' 'junk' 'materials' 'torches' 'objects' 'adventure'
3271               'repository' 'massive' 'sundry',
3272          description
3273              "You've seen everything in here already, albeit in somewhat different contexts.",
3274          before [;
3275            Take:
3276              "Realizing that by removing the loot here you'd be ruining the game for future players,
3277               you leave the ~Adventure~ materials where they are.";
3278          ];
3280  Scenic  -> SleepingDwarves "sleeping dwarves"
3281    with  name 'dwarf' 'dwarves' 'sleeping' 'snoring' 'dozing' 'snoozing',
3282          article "hundreds of angry",
3283          description "I wouldn't bother the dwarves if I were you.",
3284          before [;
3285            Take:
3286              "What, all of them?";
3287          ],
3288          life [;
3289            WakeOther:
3290              print
3291                  "You prod the nearest dwarf, who wakes up grumpily,
3292                   takes one look at you, curses, and grabs for his axe.^^";
3293              self.wake_up();
3294              rtrue;
3295            Attack:
3296              self.wake_up();
3297              rtrue;
3298          ],
3299          wake_up [;
3300              deadflag = 1;
3301              "The resulting ruckus has awakened the dwarves.
3302               There are now dozens of threatening little dwarves in the room with you!
3303               Most of them throw knives at you! All of them get you!";
3304          ],
3305    has   animate multitude;
3307  ! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
3309  Room    At_Sw_End "SW End of Repository"
3310    with  name 'southwest' 'sw' 'end' 'of' 'repository',
3311          description
3312              "You are at the southwest end of the repository.
3313               To one side is a pit full of fierce green snakes.
3314               On the other side is a row of small wicker cages, each of which contains a little sulking bird.
3315               In one corner is a bundle of black rods with rusty marks on their ends.
3316               A large number of velvet pillows are scattered about on the floor.
3317               A vast mirror stretches off to the northeast.
3318               At your feet is a large steel grate, next to which is a sign which reads,
3319               ~TREASURE VAULT. Keys in main office.~",
3320          d_to RepositoryGrate,
3321          ne_to At_Ne_End,
3322    has   light;
3324  Object  -> RepositoryGrate "steel grate"
3325    with  name 'ordinary' 'steel' 'grate' 'grating',
3326          description "It just looks like an ordinary steel grate.",
3327          when_open "The grate is open.",
3328          when_closed "The grate is closed.",
3329          door_dir d_to,
3330          door_to Outside_Grate,
3331          with_key nothing,
3332    has   static door locked openable;
3334  Scenic  -> "collection of adventure game materials"
3335    with  name 'pit' 'snake' 'snakes' 'fierce' 'green' 'stuff' 'junk' 'materials'
3336               'adventure' 'repository' 'massive' 'sundry',
3337          description
3338              "You've seen everything in here already, albeit in somewhat different contexts.",
3339          before [;
3340            Take:
3341              "Realizing that by removing the loot here you'd be ruining the game for future players,
3342               you leave the ~Adventure~ materials where they are.";
3343          ];
3345  Object  -> black_mark_rod "black rod with a rusty mark on the end"
3346    with  name 'rod' 'black' 'rusty' 'mark' 'three' 'foot' 'iron' 'explosive'
3347               'dynamite' 'blast',
3348          description "It's a three foot black rod with a rusty mark on an end.",
3349          initial
3350              "A three foot black rod with a rusty mark on one end lies nearby.",
3351          before [;
3352            Wave:
3353              "Nothing happens.";
3354          ];

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