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22. North of the secret canyons, on the other side of the pit (lines 2317-2383)

2317  Room    In_Mirror_Canyon "In Mirror Canyon"
2318    with  name 'mirror' 'canyon',
2319          description
2320              "You are in a north/south canyon about 25 feet across.
2321               The floor is covered by white mist seeping in from the north.
2322               The walls extend upward for well over 100 feet.
2323               Suspended from some unseen point far above you,
2324               an enormous two-sided mirror is hanging parallel to and midway between the canyon walls.
2325               ^^
2326               A small window can be seen in either wall, some fifty feet up.",
2327          s_to In_Secret_N_S_Canyon_0,
2328          n_to At_Reservoir;
2330  Object  -> "suspended mirror"
2331    with  name 'mirror' 'massive' 'enormous' 'hanging' 'suspended' 'dwarves^'
2332               'two-sided' 'two' 'sided',
2333          description
2334              "The mirror is obviously provided for the use of the dwarves who,
2335               as you know, are extremely vain.",
2336          initial
2337              "The mirror is obviously provided for the use of the dwarves,
2338               who as you know, are extremely vain.",
2339          before [;
2340            Attack, Remove:
2341              "You can't reach it from here.";
2342          ],
2343    has   static;
2345  ! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
2347  Room    At_Window_On_Pit_2 "At Window on Pit"
2348    with  name 'window' 'on' 'pit' 'west' 'w//',
2349          description
2350              "You're at a low window overlooking a huge pit, which extends up out of sight.
2351               A floor is indistinctly visible over 50 feet below.
2352               Traces of white mist cover the floor of the pit, becoming thicker to the left.
2353               Marks in the dust around the window would seem to indicate that someone has been here recently.
2354               Directly across the pit from you and 25 feet away
2355               there is a similar window looking into a lighted room.
2356               A shadowy figure can be seen there peering back at you.",
2357          w_to At_Junction_Of_Three,
2358          cant_go "The only passage is back west to the junction.",
2359          before [;
2360            Jump:
2361              deadflag = 1;
2362              "You jump and break your neck!";
2363            WaveHands:
2364              "The shadowy figure waves back at you!";
2365          ];
2367  ! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
2369  Room    At_Reservoir "At Reservoir"
2370    with  name 'reservoir',
2371          description
2372              "You are at the edge of a large underground reservoir.
2373               An opaque cloud of white mist fills the room and rises rapidly upward.
2374               The lake is fed by a stream, which tumbles out of a hole in the wall about 10 feet overhead
2375               and splashes noisily into the water somewhere within the mist.
2376               The only passage goes back toward the south.",
2377          s_to In_Mirror_Canyon,
2378          out_to In_Mirror_Canyon,
2379          before [;
2380            Swim:
2381              "The water is icy cold, and you would soon freeze to death.";
2382          ];

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