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1. Advent.inf begins (lines 1-50)
2. Rules for treasures, which will be scattered all over the game (lines 55-77)
3. The outside world (lines 82-480)
4. Facilis descensus Averno... (lines 485-588)
5. The little bird in its natural habitat (lines 593-707)
6. The caves open up: The Hall of Mists (lines 712-860)
7. Long Hall to the west of the Hall of Mists (lines 865-902)
8. Many Dead Ends will be needed for the maze below, so define a class: (lines 907-915)
9. The Hall of the Mountain King and side chambers (lines 920-1010)
10. The Y2 Rock Room and environs, slightly below (lines 1015-1167)
11. A maze of twisty little passages, all alike... (lines 1172-1293)
12. A line of three vital junctions, east to west (lines 1298-1367)
13. Possible heights for the plant: (lines 1374-1577)
14. A small network of Canyons, mainly Secret (lines 1582-1684)
15. Here be dragons (lines 1689-1765)
16. And more of the Alike Maze (lines 1770-1831)
17. Above the beanstalk: the Giant Room and the Waterfall (lines 1836-1977)
18. The caves around Bedquilt (lines 1982-2084)
19. Plovers and pyramids (lines 2089-2164)
20. North of the complex junction: a long up-down corridor (lines 2169-2252)
21. Witt's End: Cave under construction (lines 2257-2312)
22. North of the secret canyons, on the other side of the pit (lines 2317-2383)
23. The Chasm and the Troll Bridge (lines 2388-2528)
24. The Volcano (lines 2533-2686)
25. If you go down to the woods today... (lines 2691-2826)
26. The Different Maze (lines 2831-3040)
27. Dwarves! (lines 3045-3148)
28. Two brushes with piracy (lines 3153-3188)
29. The cave is closing now... (lines 3193-3232)
30. The End Game (lines 3237-3355)
31. Some entry points (lines 3360-3405)
32. Resurrection (lines 3410-3482)
33. Menu-driven help (not really a part of the game itself) (lines 3487-3766)
34. Grammar: the usual grammar and some extensions (lines 3771-3955)
35. Teleportation (uses also UnknownVerb entry point) (lines 3960-3986)
36. In the test version: no dwarves or pirates, and magic words work from the start (lines 3991-4006)

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