Cited Works of Interactive Fiction

The following bibliography includes only those works cited in the text of this book: it makes no claim to completeness or even balance. An index entry is followed by designer's name, publisher or organisation (if any) and date of first substantial version. The following denote formats: ZM for Z-Machine, L9 for Level 9's A-code, AGT for the Adventure Game Toolkit run-time, TADS for TADS run-time and SA for Scott Adams's format. Games in each of these formats can be played on most modern computers. Scott Adams, “Quill”-written and Cambridge University games can all be mechanically translated to Inform and then recompiled as ZM. The symbol ◊ marks that the game can be downloaded from, though for early games sometimes only in source code format. Sa1 and Sa2 indicate that a playable demonstration can be found on Infocom's first or second sampler game, each of which is ◊. Most Infocom games are widely available in remarkably inexpensive packages marketed by Activision. The ‘Zork’ trilogy has often been freely downloadable from Activision web sites to promote the “Infocom” brand, as has ‘Zork: The Undiscovered Underground’.