Chapter III: The Model World

A Model must be built which will get everything in without a clash; and it can do this only by becoming intricate, by mediating its unity through a great, and finely ordered, multiplicity.
— C. S. Lewis (1898–1963), The Discarded Image

§8   Places and scenery

§9   Directions and the map

§10   Food and drink

§11   Clothing

§12   Containers, supporters and sub-objects

§13   Doors

§14   Switchable objects

§15   Things to enter, travel in and push around

§16   Reading matter and consultation

§17   People and animals

§18   Making conversation

§19   The light and the dark

§20   Daemons and the passing of time

§21   Starting, moving, changing and killing the player

§22   Miscellaneous constants, scoring, quotations

§23   ‘Ruins’ revisited

§24   The world model described

§25   Extending and redefining the world model