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Issue L61126     [previous patch]

parser_inflection requires common properties in Glulx
Submitted by: Roger Firth     Appeared in: Library 6/11 or before     Fixed in: -

Exercise 109 in the DM4 defines a 'swedishnoun' token to make nouns and adjectives agree with the article (definite or indefinite) applied to them. The answer give is:

  [ swedishnoun;
      parser_inflection = swedish_indefinite_form;
      if (NextWord() == 'den' or 'det') parser_inflection = swedish_definite_form;
      else                              wn--;
      return ParseToken(ELEMENTARY_TT, NOUN_TOKEN);

  Object  -> "brown Swedish dog"
    with  swedish_definite_form   'bruna' 'hunden',
          swedish_indefinite_form 'brun' 'hund';

When targetting Glulx, this works only if 'swedish_definite_form' and 'swedish_indefinite_form' are defined as common properties; the Glulxe interpreter crashes if they're defined as individual properties. Both forms are accepted by the Z-machine.


None submitted.

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