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Issue L61119     [previous patch]

TRACE should distinguish matched and inferred tokens
Submitted by: Mike Tarage     Appeared in: Library 6/11 or before     Fixed in: -

When the parser partially matches a phrase, the TRACE command should not say "token resulted in success" for terms that it did not match but sucessfully inferred; instead it should state that those terms were inferred. This would avoid the phrase "token resulted in success" phrase meaning two different things -- actually matching and inferring. For example:


  [ "lock" lock / "gate" gate ]
  [ "yourself".grammar() ]
  [Parsing for the verb 'lock' (1 lines)]

  [line 0 * noun 'with' held -> Lock]
   [line 0 token 1 word 2 : noun]
    [Object list from word 2]
    [Calling NounDomain on location and actor]
     [NounDomain called at word 2
     seeking definite object
     [ND made 1 matches]
    [ND returned the gate]
    [token resulted in success]
   [line 0 token 2 word 3 : 'with']
    [token resulted in success] !! Here, it could say [inferred token; success] instead.

None submitted.

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