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Issue L61033

PUT X INTO X message
Submitted by: Michael Coyne     Appeared in: Library 6/3     Fixed in: Library 6/11

PUT X INTO X produces "You can't see any such thing" when the intended response is "You can't put something inside itself". Similarly PUT ALL BUT X INTO X produces "You can't see any such thing". After applying patch L61023 which affects the choice of preposition, this also affects PUT X IN X and PUT ALL BUT X IN X.

Solution (by Cedric Knight)

MULTIEXCEPT is supposed to exclude the indirect object because it is not marked as 'good' (DM4 p.241), rather than exclude it from the match list altogether.

Remove the first line of code in ScopeWithin_O (about line 3138 of parserm.h)

  if (context==MULTIEXCEPT_TOKEN && domain==advance_warning)
       jump DontAccept;

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