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Issue L61029

Bad defaults on YesOrNo()
Submitted by: Paul O'Brian, Andrew Plotkin     Appeared in: Library 6/10 or before     Fixed in: Library 6/11

Using the YesOrNo() function consecutively, garbage input results in the "Please answer yes or no.>" prompt being repeated until a valid "yes" or "no" is entered.

However, if one types "no" at the first prompt, then just presses Enter at the second prompt, the game treats this as if "no" was entered and moves on to the next question.


To get YesOrNo() to repeat the question, add a condition around the 3 existing lines in verblibm.h

  if (parse->1) {  ! condition added
      if (i==YES1__WD or YES2__WD or YES3__WD) rtrue;
      if (i==NO1__WD or NO2__WD or NO3__WD) rfalse;
  }   ! end of condition.

The condition should be (parse->1) for Z-code, and (parse-->0) for glulx.

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