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Issue L61012

DictionaryLookup() returns wrong results
Submitted by: Max Kalus     Appeared in: Library 6/7 or before     Fixed in: -

After hunting for an error in the German Library -- which apparently occured in the LanguageToInformese() routine -- I found out that the routine DictionaryLookup() returns the wrong results.


After changing the line

  return parse2-->1;


  return parse2->1;

everything worked fine! The whole routine should look like this:

  [ DictionaryLookup b l i;
    for (i=0:i(2+i) = b->i;
    buffer2->1 = l;
    return parse2->1;
Update (by Cedric Knight)

The unpatched version of DictionaryLookup() seems to behave as described in DM4 for lower case letters, and I notice it is present unchanged in the 2002 German translation.

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