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Issue L61010

Infix ";" can take only one argument
Submitted by: Brendan Barnwell, Gunther Schmidl and Torbjörn Andersson     Appeared in: Library 6/10     Fixed in: Library 6/11

Infix has trouble parsing commands containing commas. For example

  >; MyRoutine(1)

works, while

  >; MyRoutine(1,2)

doesn't. This is probably related to a bugfix in the 6/10 library, so it probably doesn't affect earlier versions. The NextWord() family of functions used to assume that neither , nor . could be found in a game's dictionary, so it only checked for them on encountering unknown words in the parse buffer, converting them to comma_word and THEN1__WD respectively.

When Infix arrived, this assumption was broken. All of a sudden we did have , and . (',//' and './/' in Inform's wacky syntax for one-letter dictionary words) in the dictionary, but the Inform parser didn't know how to handle them since it was expecting comma_word and THEN1__WD.

Library 6/10 fixed this, but broke Infix in the process, since Infix doesn't know what to make of comma_word and THEN1__WD. It was expecting ',//' and './/'.


So, assuming that Infix never peeks directly at the words in the parse buffer, all we have to do is to replace all occurences in infix.h of ',//' with comma_word and, even though it's not directly related to the original bug report, './/' with THEN1__WD, and it should work again. (The irony here is that with those changes, we could probably go back to the pre-6/10 version of NextWord(), and it should all still work.)

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