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Issue L60702

Reading digits incorrectly
Submitted by: Irene Callaci     Appeared in: Library 6/7 or before     Fixed in: Library 6/10

If the player enters a digit instead of the text version of a number (2 instead of TWO, for example), an incorrect error message is returned ("You can't see any such thing"). The change below allows the player to enter TAKE 2 COINS or TAKE TWO COINS and both versions are recognized.


In Parserm.h find the Descriptors() function. The following line:


should be changed to:


in the following block of code:

  if (allow_plurals && allow_multiple)
  {   n=NumberWord(o);
          if (n==1)        {      indef_mode=1; flag=1; }
          if (n>1)         {      indef_guess_p=1;
                                          indef_mode=1; flag=1; indef_wanted=n;
                                          indef_type = indef_type | PLURAL_BIT;

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